A small swiming-pool with salt wáter of high mineralization, highest than sea wáter and Similar to the Dead Sea.
A challenge of the gravity law. With no light, not sound or external stimulus.
Mental and nervous highly relaxing, you reach a status similar to meditation.
One hour floating it is equivalent to 5 hours of sleeping.

1 person 30’
22,00 €
2 persons 30’
33,00 €


  • Highly recommended for pregnant.
  • Good for psoriasis, thanks to Epson salts.
  • Reduce musculs tensión, heart rythm.
  • Elongation of vertebral column.
  • Quick recovery of musculs phisycal conditions.
  • You feel calm, relaxed with mental brightness, clarity and concentration.
  • Reinforcement of the Inmunologic system.


  • High fever, infection, inflammatory diseases.
  • Wounds, infectious discharge.
  • Cardiopatia.
  • Lung desease.
  • Not suitable for a weak persons and/or with rinofaringitis, otitis, etc.