Indias Seas 120’

120.00 €

Ginger Peeling 25′

Ginger extract, sugar and salt for skin renewal. It also includes subtle aromatic nuances.

Dairy Bath 25′

Hydromassage bath with nutritious seaweed extracts rich in Omega.

Ayurvedic Balancing Massage 55′

100% manual massage based on an old hindi practices seeking tension sports relaxation, providing further balance on both body and mind.


Arctic Wonders 120’

120.00 €

Salt Flakes Peeling 25′

A Salt Trio Peeling applied with intense frictions to relieve every skin centimeter.

Efervescentes Crystals Bath 25′

Hydromassage bath inspired on icelandic hot springs.

Water Spheres Massage 55′

Inspired on a traditional Swedish Massage using water spheres in order to induce a deeper stretching seeking muscular relaxation.


Pacific Islands 120’

120.00 €

Islands Peeling 25′

Stop-off at Bora-Bora. Just like it’s heavenly beaches, this peeling made of white sand, sea salt, coconut peels and vegan oils will nourish skin in a very subtle way.

Lagoons Bath 25′

Dive in it’s crystal blue waters rich in minerals and enjoy this relaxing bath.

Hot Sand Sachets Massage 55′

By providing pressure with hot sand sachets on the body we can activate the chakras on both physical and energy dimensions, as well as lymph draining, blood circulation stimulation and boosting relaxation.


Atlantic Jewels 120’

120.00 €

Pink Sand Peeling 25′

Feel the small pink sand grains as well as the subtle white quartz crystals from this aromatic peeling, which ends on a very soft and bright skin.

Olivine Extract Bath 25′

Dive in an unctuous balm with green reflections from it’s olivine, which turns it all into an authentic moisturizing bath.

Rock’s Crystals Energizing Massage 55′

This dynamic massage is inspired on african ancestral techniques that provide energy.


Chocolate-Therapy 120’

109.00 €

Chocolate Peeling 20′

Your skin will be smooth and nourished thanks to the union of chocolate and salt grains.

Chocolate Bath 20′

It carries beneficial effects on both cardiocirculatory and psychological terms.

Chocolate Massage 55′

Specific sensorial and anti-stress massage. This massage technical (specially with the forearm) is extremely effective against apathy, stress and bad mood.

Chocolate Wrapper 20′

Cacao butter performs a very efficient moisturizing, protection and anti-aging effect on skin.


Olive Relax 120’

110.00 €

Olive Bone Peeling 20′

It contains shredded olive’s bones that softly drag aged skin remains.

Olive Oil Bath 20′

Restores the epidermis moisturizing levels. Oleic Acid and Olive Oil’s antioxidant properties make it a powerful and natural skin regenerator.

Cazorla Massage 55′

Made with hot volcano stones and Olive Oil, sliding the stones relieving your muscles and stress.

Olive Oil Wrapper 20′

Nourish and hydrate your skin with our golden liquid.