Welcome to the Wellness Centre and Spa Oleo Salud of the Hotel & Spa Sierra de Cazorla in the Natural Park of Cazorla.

Surrounded by mountains with magnificent views, it’s located in a complex with two Hotels of 3* and 4*, connected through the inside with a specialized staff, it’s an unique space in the province of Jaén, Andalusian region of Spain, where you may rediscover the wellness concept, health and beauty and w’ll try that you feel a maximum comfort while delights yourself with a personalized treatment, Relax in our Active Hydrotheraphy Swimming-pool, in the floating-room, the gym and takes care of your body and mind.

A wide and spectacular Hydrotheraphy Water Circuit, due to its Italian Mosaics coating, Byzantin mosaics, Stone, marble Sculptures and cromotherapy with leds which changes colours, has a big active swimming-pool with Water-jets (swan necks and subaquatic) Waterfalls, Tropical shower, sensations shower, Cool water puddle, Water beds, Jacuzzi, Shower cube, contrast and esences. Turkish Saunas.

Relax zone. Outdoor Celtic heated small swimming pool and a real Finish Sauna in a wood house, both dominated by Templarios Castle.
It’s recommended to promote relax, strengthen your cardiovascular system and immunological, eliminate toxins, etc.
Also to enjoy as much individual as couple, group or with childrens.

We have at your disposal a wide menu of treatments and body massages, facial and beauty, with relaxing, aesthetic, wellness, holystics and pregnant purpose, with professional technical, own ones (olive oil), and oriental one, provided by a professional and personalized service.

In our Spa Oleo Salud you will receive a personalized treatment, in a relaxing and sophisticated Environment. The candle lights, soft music and sweet aroma, helps to create a perfect treatment.
Close your eyes and relax yourself. We will do the rest.


All year round (Except National holidays)
10,00 a.m. to 2,00 p.m.
5,00 p.m. to 9,00 p.m.


Directly at the Wellness Centre. Call (34) 953 720500
From your room: Call 653
If posible please reserve your treatment, at least 1 day before.
Ask for special rates for Groups, asociates and our Gift Cards.